5 Benefits of Installing Bigger Windows in Hoffman Estates

5 Benefits of Installing Bigger Windows in Hoffman Estates


Are you considering installing bigger windows for your Hoffman Estates home?

Resizing windows has been an emerging trend in the past few years. Bigger windows not only make your home feel more open, airy, and spacious; they also let in more natural light and can have a positive impact on your overall energy bills.

In this post, we are going to cover the top 5 benefits of installing larger, more beautiful windows in your home:

1. Unobstructed View

Most modern concept homes are all about bringing the outside in. If you live around nature, you can feel surrounded by it by opening your home to unobstructed views that brings the beauty of nature indoors. With a large expanse of mostly glass walls, you can enjoy the beautiful landscape outside your home all year long, no matter what the weather.

2. Abundant Natural Light

There’s arguably nothing better than natural sunlight pouring into your home, making your space feel warm and more inviting. Research has shown that natural sunlight can elevate mood and boost energy levels. This is especially important during the longer, colder winter months. Plus, with more sunlight shining into your home, you won’t have to use as many lights and lamps throughout the day. This will help to reduce your energy bill.

3. Indoor and Outdoor Living

Apart from just having larger, more beautiful windows, you can take it a notch up and actually use sliding windows to open up and merge an outdoor area with an indoor one. For example, you can use larger windows to open up a deck, a porch, or a patio to the indoor seating area, expanding the overall space. When the weather is pleasant, this can become an excellent entertainment area for family and friends.

4. Open Feel

No matter how small your home is, opening it up with larger windows will most certainly give it an open, airy, more spacious feel. When a wall is replaced by a window, the glass helps to draw in more light which actually helps to make the rooms in your house appear larger than they actually are.

5. Fresher Air

Most people spend a large part of their day indoors. Think about it—you stay at home, drive to work in your air-conditioned or heated car, stay in the office for a large part of the day, and repeat. If you don’t find much time to go outdoors and breathe in some fresh air, opening the large windows of your home can allow you to enjoy the fresh air right from your living room. It’s also important to remember that indoor air quality can be poor, so opening up your windows to encourage good air circulation and ventilation is very important to keep you and your family healthy. 

To begin choosing larger windows for your home, it is best to consult with a local new window installation company in your area that specializes in new window installations. A professional windows company, backed by years of experience, will be able to guide you on the best window styles and materials that will work for your home.

Looking to Install New Windows for Your Home in Hoffman Estates?

At Olson Windows, established in 1979, we have experience with installing and repairing all types of new windows. An efficient new window replacement installation will aid in lowering your energy bills, as well as improving the aesthetic appeal of your home in Hoffman Estates.

We can help in giving you suggestions and recommendations that will meet your new window installation needs.

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