Four Costs to Consider When Buying New Windows in Glen Ellyn

Four Costs to Consider When Buying New Windows in Glen Ellyn


If you’re already shopping for new or replacement windows, you probably know by now that the costs can differ quite a bit depending on many different factors. It’s important to know why certain replacement windows are pricier than others, and to understand the advantages and value of purchasing windows with a higher price tag.

In this article we’re going to cover the four main costs to consider when buying new or replacement windows in Glen Ellyn so that you can decide which windows will work best for your home:

1. Window Material

By far the most important aspect of replacement windows is the window material. If you’re just looking for a standard glass replacement, keep in mind that this will only include the glass replacement of the window, not the window frame itself. In most cases, glass replacements are only necessary when fixing a broken pane.

However, if you’re looking for a complete replacement, this usually means you are replacing the full window—glass and frame included. In this case, it’s important to be aware of the different frame material choices available to you. Most standard window frames are available in a variety of materials, such as wood and vinyl. Vinyl is an excellent cost-effective option that comes with superior weather-resistance and lower maintenance. Wooden frames, on the other hand, have an incredible aesthetic appeal and a solid reputation for their insulation capabilities.

Although the choice is yours when it comes to which frame you should opt for, it’s important to consult with your local Glen Ellyn new window company to help you make an educated decision by weighing all the pros and cons.

2. Window Glass

After you decide on the window frame, it’s time to consider the type of window glass you’d like to choose for your replacement windows. The number of glass panes you choose will directly affect your insulation capabilities and cost—more panes equal better insulation, but also a higher cost.

Double or even triple-pane glass will cost a lot more upfront than single-pane windows, but will lead to higher energy-efficiency. Also, if you choose to go for windows that have gas insulation, these will cost more initially, but the energy savings will be greater in the long-run.

3. Window Style

The style of the window is also an important deciding factor after you’ve picked out the frame and type of glass. Often times, the style will be dictated by the type of home you have—traditional vs. modern, and the type of look you want to go for.

There are many different window styles available at different prices. For example, one popular window style is the double hung window, which allows you to open the window from the top or from the bottom.

There are also many other styles available, such as casement windows that are hinged and open like a door, and single-hung windows that only open from the bottom. Consulting with your replacement window expert should be helpful in deciding which style will work best for your needs.

4. Window Size

When it comes to replacement windows, size matters. Replacing standard-sized windows will be a lot easier and more cost-effective than installing custom windows. Standard windows are readily available, as they are pre-manufactured based on standard specifications. Custom sizes need to be specially made and ordered, increasing the cost and time required for the installation.

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