Five Hidden Benefits of Installing New Windows in Naperville; Insights from a Naperville New Windows Company

Five Hidden Benefits of Installing New Windows in Naperville; Insights from a Naperville New Windows Company


Are your windows past their prime? Are they looking old and worn out? Do they allow air to leak in?

If your windows are not functioning as efficiently as they used to, then it’s probably time to get new windows installed in your home.

The primary benefit of installing new windows is that they will prevent air leakage from the outside. This will prevent temperature variations inside the house, thereby reducing the load on your home’s HVAC unit. This directly translates to energy savings and lower utility bills.

Apart from this monetary advantage, there are other hidden benefits that new windows provide for your house in Naperville:

1. Added Home Value

When you purchase new windows, keep in mind that they will not only add to the aesthetics of your home, but will also increase your home’s overall energy efficiency. Purchasing energy efficient windows will help to conserve energy by keeping your home warmer in the winter months and cooler in the summer. They are also an excellent way to add resale value to your home. In fact, window replacement projects can return more than 50% of the cost of the project upon resale.

2. Home Safety

Did you know that there are now special windows available that can increase the security and safety of your home? For example, if you’re looking for a tough, resilient window, you may want to consider laminated glass. This has a polymer interlayer that does not let the glass shatter, protecting your home from intruders and harsh weather. You can also opt for tempered glass windows, which unlike traditional glass, break into blunt pieces instead of sharp shards. This can help to prevent serious injury if accidently shattered.

3. Noise Reduction

If your windows are decades old, you might not be enjoying the benefits of double or even triple-pane window glass. These windows are designed so that the outside temperature does not penetrate or affect the room temperature maintained by the HVAC unit. Paned glass windows are filled with argon gas, which is denser than air and offers superior insulation. This helps to minimize energy loss and reduce drafts. Paned windows also provide a secondary benefit of reducing outside noise from entering the house.

4. Easy Maintenance

How much maintenance do your windows need? The answer to this question is probably rooted in how old your windows are, and the frame material used in their construction. Older windows tend to need a lot of care because they generally need to be refinished every couple of years. This is done to ensure that there is no formation of mildew, rot, and mold, which keeps the windows looking good and performing well.

Replacement windows offer newer frame materials that come with minimal maintenance. For example, aluminum and vinyl frames are both excellent window frame material choices that are a breeze to maintain.

5. UV Protection

Excessive UV light streaming into the house can fade your home’s interior decor over time. Ultraviolet light can damage your home’s flooring, walls, furnishings, curtains, artwork, and upholstery. Modern windows have Low-E insulating double-pane or triple-pane glass. This type of glass acts as a sunscreen and provides added protection from UV rays.

Looking to Install New Windows for Your Home in Naperville?

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We can help in offering you suggestions and accurate recommendations that will meet your needs to install new windows in your home.

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