Aluminum Gutters by Olson

Improve the look and structural integrity of your home with Olson’s durable aluminum gutters. With over 30 colors to choose from, your new gutters can either be made to match your existing siding or provide a unique accent in your home exterior.

Olson aluminum gutters are rolled from 0.032” gage aluminum, the heaviest gage material available in the residential market. This provides for improved structural durability and ensures that your gutters will be able to handle the weather, be it torrential rain during the spring or ice dams during the winter. Our seamless gutter technology enables us to form the gutters on-site during the installation, both reducing waste and providing a more weather-tight solution.

If your existing gutters have been leaking, there may be additional problems with the soffit and fascia that are attached to the gutters. Leaking gutters may cause rot in those areas, creating the possibility of mold and structural problems. During the free consultation, our salesperson may be able to identify potential problems and provide a quote for repairing soffit and fascia issues. If the soffit and fascia are not covered in aluminum, one cost-effective option is to add an aluminum cover to the soffit and fascia to provide future protection and save time on maintenance and painting.

Olson offers two aluminum gutter sizes – 5” and 6”. 5” gutters will suffice for most residential applications, however depending on the roof pitch and length between downspouts, it may be necessary to use oversized 6” gutters. Both gutter sizes are compatible with most leaf protection systems.

Choose Olson gutters for high-quality products and an experienced installation team. Our lead installers have over 20 years of experience and we use the best materials and techniques available, such as the highest quality gutter sealants to prevent leaks and extend the durability of our work. Please give us a call or fill out our contact form for a free evaluation.