Western Red Cedar Shake

Explore Cedar Shake Roofing Styles

Olson is proud to offer Western Red Cedar Shake, providing your home with a beautiful and elegant alternative to asphalt or composite shingles.  Cedar shake’s natural warmth and quality remain unmatched by synthetic materials.  While providing energy efficiency, cedar shake is simultaneously the most environmentally friendly roofing component, as it will be fully converted into sustainable materials upon eventual disposal.

A variety of shake installation methods exist; the key is to choose a licensed and experienced contractor.  Olson will be happy to bring our team of veteran roofing installers to your project, to ensure that the cedar shake is installed to the highest level of quality.  Our roofers are also available for cedar shake maintenance and repair, and we will support you throughout the lifecycle of your roof.

In order to capture a distinctive, old-world architectural element for your home exterior, please feel free to contact us for a free quote.