Five Benefits of Window Shutters: Tips from a Lombard Area Window and Home Remodeling Company

Jul 24, 2019

Window shutters could play a vital role in the décor of your home. The right choice of shutters can complement the home from the interior as well as from the exterior. However, people tend to ignore the importance of window shutters when it comes to furnishing.

Window shutters are available in a wide range of colors and sizes, giving you a number of options to choose from for different rooms of the house. While shutters may not be suitable for all the rooms, they could be a good choice for an attractive appeal on the ground floor rooms such as the kitchen, living room, and bathrooms.

In spite of being a unique alternative from traditional blinds and curtains, shutters also offer many practical benefits as well. Here are some of the benefits of window shutters for your Lombard home:

1. More Privacy

Besides aesthetic appeal, window shutters can provide more privacy as the need arises. The louvers can be adjusted to let light in, or they can be semi-closed or completely closed to ensure that people outside are not able to see what you are doing inside your home. Curtains do not offer this flexibility, as once they are drawn, they block all light from entering.

2. Thermal and Sound Insulation

When the louvers are closed, the shutters offer heat as well as sound insulation. This is helpful in the summer when windows can be kept open and the louvers can be kept shut—this allows for air flow, but it does not allow direct sunlight and heat to enter the room. Also, when the louvers are closed, the wooden panels block the outside traffic noise from coming inside, thereby providing good sound insulation.

3. Low Maintenance Requirements

Window shutters require very little maintenance as compared to curtains and blinds. The fabrics of curtains can attract dust and allergens. This can be a nightmare for people suffering from allergies. On the contrary, in the case of shutters, they can be cleaned simply by wiping them down with a damp cloth. This will prevent any dust build-up on the shutters. Plus, in case you ever desire a fresh look, simply re-painting the shutter will do the trick!

4. UV Protection

Similar to the way in which blinds can be angled, shutters with louvers can also be angled to control how much light enters the room. To get more light into the room, the panels can be fully opened. Also, the louvers can be adjusted so that the direct light reaching the flooring and furniture can be deflected, which prevents it from fading.

In order to prevent the panels from warping, many shutters are finished with a UV-protection layer to protect the wood panels.

5. Increased Curb Appeal

Shutters add a curb appeal that could make your home more attractive to prospective buyers. From the exterior, the shutters could be painted to give a fresh look to the house. From the interior, they have more of a “semi-permanent” fixture appearance as compared to blinds or curtains. However, if the buyer prefers, it is relatively easy to replace a set of shutters with blinds or curtains as per the buyer’s preference.

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