The Seven Benefits of Replacing Windows in Naperville

Feb 24, 2019

Are you aware that replacing windows could give you one of the highest returns for your real estate investment in Naperville? It will not only increase your home value, but can also give you the desired level of comfort to make you feel at home!

Technology has redefined virtually everything in our world, and it has entered the realm of remodeling and home construction as well. Due to the breakthrough in manufacturing and design, windows are now available with a high level of sophistication. You are no longer restricted to a single-pane glass on a wood frame. Apart from the aesthetic appeal, ease of installation, and ease of operation, new windows come with a lot of cutting-edge features. Double-paned, triple paned, argon gas filled windows, and advanced Low-E protection windows are just a few options.

If you are still delaying your window replacement project, here are seven benefits of replacing home windows that could help you make the decision:

1. Energy Savings

Replacing windows is a long-term, cost-effective home improvement decision that you will make for your home. Well-insulated windows will help prevent the extreme outdoor temperatures from affecting the interior, helping your HVAC unit to function at optimum efficiency. This will result in monthly savings due to lower energy bills over a period of time.

2. Easy Maintenance

Old windows, depending on the frame, require attention and regular maintenance to avoid rot, rust, and mold formation. New windows—especially aluminum windows—require little maintenance. Choosing a window that is durable, has easy-clean features, and has an innovative design can help you save a lot of time on routine window maintenance.

3. Noise Reduction

Most modern-day windows are double or tripled paned, and the gaps between them are filled with a gas that is denser than air. This not only helps in minimizing energy loss, but also helps in diminishing outdoor sounds. Although noise reduction may not be the immediate effect desired by you, it is generally one of the first thing you’ll notice after a window replacement.

4. Curb Appeal

Installing new windows gives you a wide range of options to consider, including the style, color, and material. This gives you an excellent opportunity to increase the curb appeal of your house. Our design consultants would be happy to work with you to help pick out the best option for your home.

5. Increased Safety

High-quality windows can increase the security and safety of your home. Laminated glass has a polymer interlayer that holds glass together, and tempered glass breaks into granular pieces when shattered. These added properties of the window provide protection from potential intruders.

6. Increased Comfort

Some new windows have blinds or shades that are installed in-between two panes of glass. This helps to protect your blinds from dust and allergen buildup. Additionally, well-sealed and energy-efficient windows reduce the formation of hot spots and cold drafts in your home, increasing air quality and improving comfort in the room.

7. UV Protection

Many of us like to have natural light entering our home. However, excessive ultraviolet light can cause the interiors of the home to deteriorate. This can be eliminated by choosing windows that have double-pane or triple pane glass with argon gas. It provides added protection from harmful rays entering your room.

Olson Can Install Your New Replacement Windows in Naperville

After considering all the benefits that installing new windows can add to your home, are you ready to get started? If so, Olson Windows is the company to see.

With over 30+ years of service in the Naperville area, our experts can help you determine the best window replacement option for your home.

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