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When is the Best Time of the Year to Replace Windows?

Published , By Brian Olson

While the process can sometimes take months, it’s quite noticeable when your windows stop holding out cold air or the intense summer heat. When it’s time to replace your windows, it’s better to do so sooner rather than later to protect your energy bill.

People often associate springtime with planning home improvements and implementing them in the summer. When it comes to window installation and replacement, there is no real need to wait if your windows are damaged.

No Really, Can Windows Be Installed in the Winter?

Yes, even in Illinois, winter window installation can be done in a matter of a few hours. Fortunately, that means your home won’t be fully exposed to harsh elements, which will protect your monthly energy bill. Here are some of the pros and cons of installing windows in each season.

Replace Windows

The Ideal Time To Replace: Spring and Summer

Many customers schedule their window installation for the warmer months, which also means more competition to get on your contractor’s calendar. Even though it may be nicer weather outside, if you let too much heat into your home you may find yourself uncomfortable for a time.

A good way to combat unwanted heat is to close off the rooms that are having the installation so that the rest of your home stays cool. Finally, thunderstorms and heavy rain can cause delays in installation, so keep an eye on the weather report while scheduling your service.

Installing Windows In The Winter Or Fall

Months with cold temperatures tend to be considered the “off-season” for installations. If you decide you need new windows installed during the late fall and winter months, however, there are some advantages.

You’ll discover that as soon as temperatures drop for the season, more appointments will become available. Most people do not want to experience any heat loss from their homes during a new window installation.

Closing off rooms can be useful in this situation. Just like in the summer, by doing this in the winter you can protect your home’s energy bills from the cold weather outside. There are also temporary measures that the window company can use to keep cold air out.

Your window installer in Chicago may also choose to install one window at a time to lower the flow of air into your home. This technique, along with heavy snowfall can cause winter installation to be a bit slower than the summer, but if you have damaged windows you shouldn’t wait.

Olson’s Any-Season Window and Door Installation Service – Chicago, IL

No matter what the season is, the Olson Windows team is here to provide you with quality installations. Get started by contacting our customer service team and requesting a quote today. Before you know it we will have you set up with a new energy-efficient window!

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