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Windows serve several purposes. Not only are they used to help people see outside from the inside of a home, but they’re also used to supply a home with natural airflow and sunlight. Over the years, a variety of different window styles have been created, each offering something a little different in the ways of style and overall operation.

At Olson Windows, Doors, Siding, and Roofing, we install a vast selection of window styles, all possessing superb quality and exceptional performance. Supplied by Pella, Marvin, Lindsay, Loewen, Kolbe, and Simonton, our windows are the best available anywhere.

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Single-Hung Windows

Single-hung windows are basic but effective. Possessing a single sash, they open and close vertically. Simply slide the sash up and down to achieve varying levels of ventilation and airflow.

Offering excellent visibility and natural lighting capabilities, they can be used in rooms of all kinds. Single-hung windows are the most commonly used of all types of windows

Double-Hung Windows

Double-hung windows share similarities with single-hung windows, but they differ in the number of sashes they possess. While single-hung windows have just one sash, double-hung windows have two. The existence of this second sash allows for optimal airflow and cleaning capabilities.

Awning Windows

Commonly installed everywhere from living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, and more, awning windows open by being pushed out from the inside. Once they’re opened, they turn into an awning-like implement which staves off rain and other forms of precipitation.

Fixed Frame Windows

Also called picture windows, fixed frame windows are installed simply for natural lighting and aesthetic purposes. They cannot be opened, and therefore do not allow for any airflow. Generally rectangular, they are simple, but an attractive addition to any home.

Fixed Curve-Top Frame Windows

Fixed curve-top frame windows are generally installed for lighting and design purposes. Large and imposing, you’ll most typically see these types of windows in living rooms and dining rooms. They can’t be opened, meaning that they can’t be used to provide ventilation.

Sliding Windows

Horizontal in nature, sliding windows possess more width than height. Aptly named, these windows open and close with the use of a sliding sash. Available in a wide variety of sizes, they can be successfully used in all types of rooms.

Casement Windows

Casement windows are operated with the use of small levers which exist at their bases. When these levers are turned, their corresponding window panes open in an outward direction. These windows can be opened to varying degrees, allowing for a great deal of ventilation variations.

Specialty Windows

Most of the windows you come across will be rectangular. However, there are non-rectangular windows available, and they are commonly referred to as specialty windows.

These windows run the gamut from circular to diamond-shaped, to triangular, to everything in between. If you’re interested in giving your home a unique aesthetic, a specialty window can help to do the trick.

Utilize The Experience and Expertise Of Olson Windows

If you’re looking to install new windows on your home, you would be making a great decision to utilize the experience and expertise of the installation specialists at Olson Windows. In business since 1979, Olson has installed a wide variety of windows on a wide variety of homes throughout Chicagoland.

Regardless of the type of windows you wish to have installed, our crew will install them for you in a friendly and professional manner. Request a free quote by contacting Olson at (847) 304-8713 or (630)-821-7740!

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Excellent service, complete explanation of the process, seamless installation by professionals, everything done correctly and cleanly, finished with paint touch up. Fine product -- Pella windows -- installed as they should be. Thanks to Mike S. and his crew!


Frank T.

Fantastic professional team. Excellent prices . Large variety. Quick service. Knowledgeable and trustworthy owner. Very professional laborers and extremely tidy on the job site. I will highly recommend this company. They exceeded expectations with stellar service.


Sandy M.

Great company to work with! Would definitely use again! We had 6 windows replaced and ordered the Pella Vinyl windows. Highly recommend using Olson Windows.


Sue D.

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