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Make Your Choice Between Wood and Vinyl Windows

Today, there is a large variety of window materials to choose from. The two most popular are wood and vinyl, both of which offer a great deal in terms of operational and architectural benefits.

Olson Windows, Doors, Siding, and Roofing offers both wood and vinyl windows and has installed them on countless homes throughout the Chicagoland area. With a great deal of knowledge about these window materials, our installers would love to help you choose between the different types.

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    In What Ways Do Vinyl Windows Stand Out?

    While they haven’t been around for as long as wood windowsvinyl windows stand out in a variety of ways. The most popular windows in the United States of America, vinyl windows offer a winning combination of architectural and performance capabilities. Their growth in popularity is a testament to just how much people value them.

    Plenty Of Aesthetics From Which To Choose

    One of the reasons that vinyl windows are so popular is that they look terrific on houses of all styles and types. Available in a seemingly endless array of colors, there is almost sure to be one that meets your design preferences.

    Top-Notch Insulation Qualities

    It was not that long ago that vinyl siding provided below-average insulation capabilities. Fortunately, times have changed. Modern vinyl siding is manufactured with insulative foam inlays and is specially equipped to seal out heat and cold.

    With new vinyl windows installed in your home, you will most likely see a reduction in either your electric or gas bill. In addition, annoying drafts will also be a thing of the past.

    Weather Resistance

    It doesn’t matter whether it’s raining heavily, or it’s hot enough to melt plastic, vinyl windows will succeed in insulating and protecting your home. Vinyl is designed to be weather resistant, resisting both moisture and extreme temperatures without the formation of any visible flaws.

    This makes vinyl a great window material for the rainy, snowy, and (sometimes) sunny Chicagoland area.

    Little Maintenance Required

    Since they are resistant to all types of weather, vinyl windows require very little maintenance over the years. Generally, at most, all you’ll need to do to maintain your vinyl windows is clean them on occasion. As long as you clean them, they will function while staying shiny and bright.

    The Advantages Of Wood Windows

    Wood windows have been used for hundreds of years, and for good reason: they’re effective. These windows are both highly functional and aesthetically pleasing, enhancing any home on which they’re installed.

    Elegant Aesthetic

    There is just something about wood windows that’s undeniably attractive. Wood windows look prestigious. This is why you’ll often see them used on most luxury homes; They provide an elegance that instantly raises a home’s curb appeal.

    Superb Insulation Capabilities

    Thick and dense, wood windows have a good reputation for energy efficiency. These windows provide superb insulation, sealing out almost every trace of heat or cold. Due to this, wood windows can save you serious money on energy bills.

    Durable Construction

    Built to last, wood windows can take on just about anything in terms of physical damage. If you care for them properly, they can last anywhere from 30 to 50 years. In some cases, they’ll last even longer.

    Buy Wood or Vinyl Windows From Olson

    When it comes to windows, no company in Chicagoland knows more than Olson.

    Possessing a deep knowledge of both wood and vinyl windows, our crew of experienced window experts has you covered.

    If you are interested in making use of our window installation services, we can help you. Request a free quote by contacting Olson at (847) 304-8713 or (630)-821-7740!

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    Excellent service, complete explanation of the process, seamless installation by professionals, everything done correctly and cleanly, finished with paint touch up. Fine product -- Pella windows -- installed as they should be. Thanks to Mike S. and his crew!


    Frank T.

    Fantastic professional team. Excellent prices . Large variety. Quick service. Knowledgeable and trustworthy owner. Very professional laborers and extremely tidy on the job site. I will highly recommend this company. They exceeded expectations with stellar service.


    Sandy M.

    Great company to work with! Would definitely use again! We had 6 windows replaced and ordered the Pella Vinyl windows. Highly recommend using Olson Windows.


    Sue D.

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