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Illinois natives and new residents all know how much the constantly changing weather can take a toll on their property, especially on your roof! With repeated exposure to sunlight, wind, and moisture, even the strongest roofs become vulnerable over time. If you notice missing, altered, or damaged shingles on your roof, then it is time to call the roofing experts at Olson Windows, Doors, Siding, & Roofing. We have performed countless roof replacements near you, not only enhancing their appearance but also their energy efficiency and protection capabilities.

Roofing Contractors You Can Trust

A roofing contractor presses a shingle down onto a roof.

With a history of servicing Chicagoland homes since the 1970s, we have an eye for determining the proper treatment for every roof. Our experienced roofers have been up on roofs of all shapes and sizes, and can quickly identify whether your roof needs repairs or a complete replacement. Our expert assessment skills could even save you money, as we pride ourselves on honest workmanship and evaluations of homes.

A Worthwhile Investment

It is a well-known fact that newer shingles or shakes on a roof dramatically increase the resale value of that home. It is only logical that a prospective buyer in the real estate market would be willing to spend more on a home with an updated roof than one with old shingles. Buyers on the market jump at the opportunity to look at newer roofs, all to avoid the possible expense themselves in the future, and this could mean a profit for you!

If you imagine yourself selling your home within the next few years and your roof is past its prime, then replacing it is a wise financial decision. Though the investment will be costly in the short term, once you move to sell the property, you will be handsomely rewarded.

Even More Savings

Roofs do a lot more than just provide shelter. They provide insulation to your home, combating temperature fluctuations and thus saving you money on energy costs. Roofs prevent the adverse effects of moisture from damaging your home, and depending on the style of the roof, they add to your curb appeal.

As roofs age, they lose the ability to sufficiently insulate your home, and at a certain point, this will substantially affect your energy bills. It is necessary to replace them once this insulation has been compromised, and once the replacement is complete, you will notice a decrease in gas and electric utility bills.

Restore Your Home’s Beauty

Tiers of new shingles shine in the sun.Roofing materials experience the negative effects of aging, and gradually their appearance will lose its attractiveness. What might speed up this aging process is an adverse weather event that causes wind and hail damage to your roof.

Once one of those factors occurs, then the only way to replenish your roof’s image is to replace the fading and dull shingles. You’ll need to get a completely new roof to make your home more aesthetically appealing and to keep it well-protected from water damage.

Reputation You Can Count On

If you have decided that it’s time to replace your roof, trusting a reputable roofing company with a long-standing history of quality and stellar customer service is the best option. In the Chicago Suburbs, Olson is well-known for fair prices and for setting a high standard for our craftsmanship with roofing systems.

Roof replacements in the northwest suburbs of Chicago have been a massive part of our business for over 40 years. Updating your roof to improve its appearance, sustain its protection capabilities, and become more energy efficient, is a worthy investment.

The costs to receive a roof refresh in Barrington, Illinois can be pretty expensive if you’re paying out of pocket or without a home insurance company. Luckily, Olson offers special financing for customers seeking a residential roofing installation with us. We can get you on a monthly roof payment schedule so you receive the installation you need now.

Schedule your Barrington roof replacement by contacting us today online or over the phone at (847) 584-1155 or (630)-821-7740.

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Excellent service, complete explanation of the process, seamless installation by professionals, everything done correctly and cleanly, finished with paint touch up. Fine product -- Pella windows -- installed as they should be. Thanks to Mike S. and his crew!


Frank T.

Fantastic professional team. Excellent prices . Large variety. Quick service. Knowledgeable and trustworthy owner. Very professional laborers and extremely tidy on the job site. I will highly recommend this company. They exceeded expectations with stellar service.


Sandy M.

Great company to work with! Would definitely use again! We had 6 windows replaced and ordered the Pella Vinyl windows. Highly recommend using Olson Windows.


Sue D.

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