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Choosing the Best Material for Your New Windows in Warrenville, IL

Published , By Brian Olson

If you’re noticing that one or more of your windows are not functioning as they should, it might be time to have them replaced.

Warrenville replacement windows have quite a few advantages. They can enhance the inner appearance as well as the outside curb appeal of your home. Moreover, windows today are designed to increase energy efficiency and are incredibly easy to clean.

Once you have made the decision to replace your windows, the next step is to choose the ones that suit you best.

Often times, people only consider the style of the window and the type of glass when making a selection. However, the type of material frame selected also plays a vital role.

Here are some of the different window material options you can choose from for your Warrenville home:


Vinyl is currently one of the most popular materials for new window frames. Compared to its counterparts, it is a less expensive option and comes in various styles and colors. Vinyl frames also need less maintenance over time and are very effective at insulating the house. The other major advantage of vinyl frames is that, over the course of time, they are resilient to harsh UV exposure.

Because vinyl doesn’t peel, chip, rot, or fade in the sun, these windows have a very long lifespan. However, you’ll want to choose a color that you can live with for years to come, since repainting vinyl windows could void your warranty on them.

The only other possible drawback is that they lack strength when compared to other materials.


Aluminum window frames are durable, strong, inexpensive, and can be painted any color you choose. Although primarily used in warmer climates, they are not the best choice where there is a pre-dominance of cooler temperatures. They struggle to keep your house insulated, which will lead to an increase in your energy bills.


Fiberglass is great if you are looking for a popular, strong, and durable option. This synthetic frame option is gaining popularity because it is resilient to extreme weather conditions and everyday household use. It comes in a variety of styles and colors, and can make your home look beautiful from both the outside and inside.

Fiberglass insulates the house efficiently and requires very little maintenance. It is also a very strong material for window frames and helps make your home more safe and secure. The only disadvantage of fiberglass is that it is a step up in cost when compared to other materials.


In the past, wood was the default material that was used for windows. It was only with the advent of technology and the evolution of other materials, that wood, as a natural material, is now being replaced.

Wood is a strong material and gives a feeling of warmth, which is the main reason why many people still choose it over the other synthetic options. It can also be stained and painted to meet the desired look of a home.

The downside of wood is that it’s less resilient to the harsh elements of nature. One of its primary adversaries is heat or sunlight, which can crack and damage the frame. The other enemy of wood is water, which can lead it to decay and rotting over time.

Looking to Replace the Windows in Your Warrenville Home?

Look no further! We at Olson Windows, established in 1979, have experience installing all types and styles of windows throughout the Warrenville area. Our team of professionals is ready to help you.

We can help in giving you suggestions and recommendations to replace and install new windows your home. Contact us to schedule an appointment today!

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