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Best Bay Window Style for Your Home

Published , By Brian Olson

Bay windows are great ways to add more space to your home and create a wonderful area for reading, relaxing, or even indoor gardening. These protruding bumps from your home can add value, improve the aesthetic, and provide your interior with an amazing addition. If you would like to start planning your next home improvement project, then don’t forget to take these bay window ideas into consideration.

Best Bay Window Style

Types of Bay Windows

  • Classic Bay Windows: The classic bay window consists of three sides usually set somewhere between 30 degrees and 60 degrees. The front panel is often the largest, with a larger paned window that is more than likely sealed shut. The smaller side panes are able to open in order to allow in fresh air.
  • Box Bay Windows: Another form of classic bay window, however, this style has 90-degree angles and is usually wider and shallower than traditional bays. These places are fantastic for bench seating in the bay window area and are quite popular among modern designers.
  • Bow Windows: Bow windows are similar to classic bay windows, but consist of four to six sides at a wider angle, creating an arch. These windows offer more natural light since there are more panes, and each one is the same size, offering a wonderfully symmetrical appearance. That being said, they also take up a lot more space and require more time for installation.
  • Oriel: Essentially the same as a bay window, oriel windows are located on higher stories. They also tend to be more decorative and require a strong base to uphold the feature.

If you would like to enhance your home with one of these spectacular bay or bow windows, then all you have to do is contact the professionals at Olson Windows.

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