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Ways to Improve Your Window’s Insulation

Published , By Brian Olson

The temperatures are starting to drop down, and as radiators and heaters kick on across Illinois, people may begin to notice a change in their energy bills. While this is normal, many people don’t consider some of the ways that they can save money on these bills just by making a few small changes. One such change is inspecting your windows for leaks and trying the methods below to ensure you have well-insulated windows.

Insulation Tips for Your Home’s Windows

  • Re-Sealing – The first place to look when checking for leaks would be the caulking around the window. If the caulk is damaged or older than five years old, then you will likely need to reseal the window using a caulk gun.
  • Weather Stripping – A weatherstripping device is a very effective way to keep cold air out and reduce heat loss. These devices can be used on both windows and doors to prevent heat from escaping and are easy to remove once the temperatures start to pick back up.
  • Thermal Curtains – Thermal curtains kill two birds with one stone by improving the energy efficiency of your home and giving your window frames a new look. These specialty curtains shield your home from the cold and come in a variety of colors and sizes to suit your exact needs.

Finally, one of the most effective ways to ensure that you get the energy savings you deserve is to contact Olson Windows for a window replacement. We only use the latest and greatest windows from the most reputable manufacturers, and installing one of our energy-efficient windows will start saving you money in no time.

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