Seven Benefits of Installing New Energy-Efficient Windows in Geneva

Nov 08, 2019

Homeowners know that replacing old and deteriorating windows can be a painful task. Unless you are a handyman who loves working with tools (and are okay with dealing with the mess in the house), this task is best left to be handled by a professional.

Since bringing in a professional to install windows raises the cost of the project, you might be tempted to choose less expensive replacement windows over energy-efficient windows for your Geneva home.

In this post, we’ll discuss why that could be a mistake, and we’ll cover seven major benefits of installing energy-efficient windows in your Geneva home:

1. Better Insulation

The major benefit of energy-efficient windows is that they are highly efficient at keeping outdoor elements at bay. This translates to the complete elimination of “hot” or “cold” spots in the room. This type of window blocks the harsh cold temperatures from seeping in during winter, and it prevents the intense heat from entering the house during summer, keeping your home pleasant at all times of the year.

2. Reduced Maintenance

Energy-efficient windows come with a UV coating that eliminates water condensation and dirt accumulation on the exteriors. This also reduces the chance of any mold or mildew growth along the edges or corners of the windows. This drastically reduces cleaning and maintenance time spent on your windows.

3. Noise Reduction

This comes as a side-benefit for all energy-efficient windows. Since these windows are generally double-paned and also insulated with inert gas, they naturally tend to also block the transfer of noise. You can now enjoy a soundproof home without any ambient outside noise interfering with your comfort. This is a great advantage if you own a house in the midst of the hustle-bustle of a busy neighborhood.

4. Better Comfort

Old, non-energy efficient windows are prone to drafts and leaks from the outside. Energy-efficient windows not only seal your room, but they also eliminate the formation of any cold drafts near the windowsill.

5. Costs Benefits

Energy-efficient windows contribute in maintaining the room temperature regulated by your HVAC unit. By providing better insulation, the HVAC unit does not need to work as much. As a result, it draws less energy, which directly translates to lower energy bills. Additionally, upon upgrading to energy-efficient windows, you might also be eligible for significant tax credits. Both of these factors are undoubtedly good for your household budget.

6. Better for the Environment

Energy-efficient windows allow the air conditioner and heater to draw less energy. The ultimate result is lower usage of energy, which is primarily generated by fossil-fuel sources such as coal or natural gas-fired power plants. This is better for the environment, and it also makes your home eco-friendly.

7. Protection of Household Items

Household items such as carpets, rugs, fabrics, wood, and furniture, when exposed to the sun’s rays, get damaged over a period of time. The damage is due to the UV or ultraviolet rays of the sun that cause fading and deterioration. Energy-efficient windows are manufactured with a special coating that blocks out up to 98% of these harmful UV rays, keeping your upholstery, furniture, paintings, and other household items protected.

Are You Looking to Replace the Windows in Your Home in Geneva?

The team at Olson Windows, established in 1979, has ample experience with installing, repairing, and replacing all types of Geneva windows. An efficient new window replacement installation will aid in providing all the above-mentioned benefits, along with enhancing the beauty and overall value of your Geneva home.

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