Gutter Types

Choosing Your Type of Gutters

Rain gutters are far from a new technology. In fact, gutters have been used as far back as 3000 BC. However, where ancient gutters were made out of materials such as clay and brick, modern gutters are made out of advanced materials such as aluminum and copper.

Olson sells and installs both aluminum and copper gutters, allowing you to choose the type which best suits your style and design preferences. One of the top gutter installation services in Chicagoland, we have set up gutter systems on numerous homes throughout the Chicagoland area. Discuss your new gutters needs by contacting Olson today!


Durable, effective, and extremely popular, aluminum gutters can be seen on mostly all homes throughout Chicagoland. These gutters not only offer top-notch performance, but a charming aesthetic appeal as well.

Available in numerous colors and styles, aluminum gutters look great on any house in which they are installed. It doesn’t matter whether you live in an old farmhouse, a rustic cabin, a modern ranch house, or a luxury home, aluminum gutters will accommodate you.

There are several advantages associated with aluminum gutters. These gutters are highly resistant to rust, surviving through many years of use. Crack-proof, they are designed to expand with temperature changes. This allows them to last for exceedingly long periods of time.

The gutter installation specialists with Olson have installed aluminum gutters on a wide variety of houses, utilizing seamless gutter technology on most of our installations. If you’re looking for high-quality aluminum gutters to protect your home, we are the company to call.


Possessing a golden-brown color, and a shiny appearance, copper gutters tend to stand out among other gutters around the neighborhood. Often seen on classic and luxury homes, these gutters have an overall look of prestige.

Copper gutters are absurdly durable, and will typically last for entire lifetimes. Rust-proof, they can handle weather conditions of all kinds, from snow, to rain, and everything in between. Structurally tough and requiring very little maintenance, they are extremely easy to care for on your home.

Over time, copper gutters will take on a patina finish. This finish has a green tint that is equal parts rustic and luxurious. It works well on all types of homes, giving them an aesthetic that cannot be mimicked by other materials.

If you are looking for copper gutters in Chicagoland, the gutter experts at Olson are the people to see. Not only can we supply you with high-quality copper gutters, we can install them for you as well.

A Number of Colors to Choose From

If you opt for copper gutters, there is only one color option available. That color is, of course, copper. However, if you opt for aluminum gutters, there are a number of different color options from which you can choose from depending on the style and look of your home.

Some of the color options that are available to you are red, white, black, gray, green, yellow, purple, and tan. In essence, regardless of the color and style of your home, there is a set of gutters that will work well with for you.

The Professionals at Olson are Ready to Help

If you are looking to install new gutters in Chicagoland, you would be well-served by calling up the professionals at Olson. Our crew of trained and experienced installation specialists has worked on gutter systems on countless numbers of homes throughout the Chicagoland area.

The gutters we sell and install are of only of the highest quality, and will provide your home with substantial water protection for years to come. Discuss gutters with a professional by contacting Olson at (847) 304-8713