Lindsay Windows

Lindsay Windows incorporate state-of-the-art manufacturing with architecturally pleasing designs that are sure to complement any home’s style.


Built out of energy-efficient vinyl, Lindsay Windows are among the most efficient windows in the industry.


Lindsay uses Super Spacer (no metal) between the panes of glass, resulting in the highest argon retention due to a dual spacer on the glass seal.


With three pieces of weatherstrip, Lindsay Windows have the lowest air infiltration rate on the market.


Lindsay Windows are high quality vinyl so no staining is required. They will look good for years to come.

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Single Hung

LINDSAY SINGLE HUNG WINDOWS Lindsay Single-Hung vinyl windows are an affordable choice for budget-conscious home owners. Single-Hung windows have the same look and feel as Double-Hung windows, with only one moving window sash. The bottom sash moves up and down, while the top sash remains fixed in place. ELEGANT STYLE Single-Hung windows can help refresh and rejuvenate the look of your home. Older houses with damaged or rotting windows can benefit from the fresh look that Single-Hung windows will bring. Lindsay Single-Hung windows come in a variety of styles and colors. Whether you are looking for the timeless elegance of classic white with Colonial grids, or are looking for a unique accent for your home, a large variety of colors and grid patterns are available. Lindsay Windows can even be ordered with a paintable and stainable interior wood surface to match the design of your home. ENERGY EFFICIENCY Built to handle even the coldest winters in the U.S., Lindsay Windows are engineered for energy efficiency. The Low-E glass and triple weather-stripping provides reliable protection against cold drafts in the winter, and the sun’s heat during the summer. Lindsay’s commitment to Energy Efficiency and high-quality USA-based manufacturing will ensure that your windows will be a durable and cost-effective investment that will last for years to come.

Double Hung

LINDSAY DOUBLE HUNG WINDOWS Experience the comfort and convenience of Lindsay Double-Hung vinyl windows. While Single-Hung windows have only one moving window sash, Double-Hung windows give customers the best of both worlds, with both sashes moving up and down. The Double-Hung design both simplifies cleaning and enables homeowners to adjust the windows for ideal air flow. Opening the bottom sash can be used to let cool air into the home, while opening the top sash helps warm air to escape. NATURAL AIR CIRCULATION Double-Hung Windows make it easier to take advantage of natural cooling and circulation, and reduce dependence on air conditioning. On summer nights with a cool breeze outside, the bottom sash can be lowered to let cool air into the home. The top sash can then be lowered on another window to let hot air exit the house. This creates a pleasant convection current that can quickly circulate cooler air through the home and provide comfort and fresh air. EASY TO CLEAN Double-Hung windows are also easier to client. Since both windows tilt in, it’s no longer necessary to go outside the house to clean the top sash. Both windows can be cleaned from the inside, making the job safer and easier to perform. EXPERT INSTALLATION When backed by Olson Windows’ expert installation, you can be sure that the windows will fit properly and be installed to meet and exceed manufacturer specifications. Our installation team is certified in a wide variety of window brands, and we bring the most effective tools and techniques from each project to your home. With over 35 years in the window business, Olson Windows has seen almost every problem and pitfall in window installation, and we will help you avoid costly issues and ensure that your windows will last for years to come.


LINDSAY PICTURE WINDOWS Enjoy beautiful views of the outside and let sunlight into your home with the Lindsay Picture Window. Essentially a large single sash, the picture window is ideal for large openings that will not be used for ventilation. Picture windows can either be ordered with no grids for the most dramatic and inspiring views of the outside, or the windows can be ordered with a variety of grid and color options to bring a unique style to your home. V-groove grids can add an understated elegance, while colonial grids evoke tradition and classic Americana. CREATIVE DESIGN OPTIONS As one of the prototypical architectural elements, the picture window is a fixture in many American homes. The window can often be replaced, however, with modern, creative alternatives that can either increase ventilation or increase the size of a room. Replacing a large picture window with a Bay or Bow window can open up the room to bring in additional light throughout the day at multiple angles. This will often not only brighten up a room, but also make a small room feel bigger and more expansive. On the other hand, using a “Mull” fixture will connect several double-hung windows to replace a single picture window. This can provide additional ventilation in a room or make the windows easier to clean from the inside. QUALITY USA MANUFACTURING All Lindsay Windows are manufactured in the USA by an experienced team with high-quality materials. The treated vinyl extrusions provide exceptional durability and our manufacturing processes ensure that the windows are built to last. Complementing the windows themselves is Olson Windows’ experienced installation crew. Trained on high-end window installation, our team brings craftsmanship and quality to the installation process, ensuring that your windows will be installed to the highest standards and effectively insulate your home from the elements.


LINDSAY CASEMENT WINDOWS Lindsay Casement Windows are a refreshing alternative to the standard Single-Hung, Double-Hung, and Picture windows. Ideally used in kitchens, bathrooms, or any tight space, Casement windows tilt outwards with a sideway hinge. The design of the Casement window provides natural circulation for smaller rooms, without requiring opening two sets of windows. By opening outward, fresh air is forced inwards as it flows against the opening. This makes casement windows ideal for airing out a bathroom or kitchen, or for airing out humidity. ROLLER OPENING SYSTEM The design of Lindsay Casement windows also makes them fun to use. Children are the likely to enjoy the novelty in the traditional crank system used to open and shut the windows. The durable, adjustable roller system is also designed to seal tight and minimize air infiltration when the window is closed. BEAUTIFUL DESIGN OPTIONS Lindsay Casement hardware is offered in chrome, brass, bronze, nickel, silver, sandstone, and plain white. The variety of styles and colors of Lindsay Casement windows can make the window a unique design element when remodeling a home. During an in-home consultation, our salesperson will be able to show samples and provide creative ideas for window options. Feel free to give us a call or fill out our contact form for a free quote.


LINDSAY AWNING WINDOWS Lindsay Awning Windows bring a unique architectural element to mid and high-end homes. In contrast to the Casement Window, an Awning Window tilts outward along the top hinge of a window. This design enables the window to stay open during a rainstorm, and provide a cool refreshing breeze on rainy summer nights. VENTILATION Awning Windows are often used in conjunction with other windows to fill an opening. The standard combination is mulling an Awning Window above or below a Picture or Casement Window. A low-positioned Awning Window near a bed can provide a convenient way to enjoy fresh air while lying down and reading a book. A high-positioned Awning Window, on the other hand, can help ventilate a large room and release heat from a living room with a cathedral ceiling. HARDWARE DESIGN OPTIONS Lindsay Awning Windows come in a large variety of hardware finishes, from metallic, to sandstone, to standard white. Metallic finishes can provide a stunning effect when combined with a paintable and stainable wood surface. They can also provide a sleek, modern style when paired with a classic white window. Our experienced Olson Windows salesperson will be happy to provide additional design ideas during a free in-home consultation.


LINDSAY SLIDER WINDOWS Lindsay Slider Windows combine comfort and convenience with simple operation. Similar to Double-Hung Windows, a Slider Window consists of two sashes. Instead of moving vertically, however, the Slider Window sash moves horizontally to open and close the window. EASY TO USE The design of the slider window provides both ease of use and wider, more expansive views of scenery. Slider windows are ideal for hard-to-reach places, such as windows behind a counter in a kitchen, or in homes built for accessibility, where residents may have more difficulty opening and closing traditional vertical windows. The sliding design also allows the Slider Window to be used in openings too large for a Double-Hung. Since large horizontal panes are easier to operate than vertical panes, Slider Windows can often replace picture windows and combine unrestricted views of the surroundings with operable ventilation. EXPERIENCED INSTALLERS Our team at Olson Windows will bring decades of window installation experience to your exterior remodeling project. With certification and training from both mid and high-end window brands, our installers are uniquely qualified to bring the best tools, materials, and techniques to your project. Please feel free to give us a call or fill out our online form for a free quote.

Bay & Bow

LINDSAY BAY & BOW WINDOWS Lindsay Bay and Bow Windows provide an architectural component that improves the appearance of both the inside and outside of the home. Bay and Bow Windows come with a “seat” that physically extends the size of a room. ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN In architectural tradition, Bay Windows were often added to a home after construction, in order to extend the physical area of a room. Bay Windows jut outward from a wall and provide additional seating area or room for display. During the Victorian era, Bay Windows became increasingly popular and have been a staple of architecture ever since. A Bow Window is a style of Bay Window where all window sashes are the same size and are built along a curve. A Bay Window, on the other hand, can consist of any combination of angles and window sizes. The traditional Bay Window will have a large Picture Window in the center surrounded by two Double-Hung Windows on the outside. A Bow Window will often consist of several of the same size Casement Windows or Picture Windows along a single curve. IN-HOME SALES CONSULTATION Our experienced sales team will be happy to help you select the ideal Bay or Bow window configuration during an in-home sales consultation. Whether you are looking to add a new Bay Window to your home or replace an existing Bay or Bow Window, we will show you a variety of styles and options that will complement your room and home. Please feel free to give us a call or fill out our online contact form for a free estimate.


LINDSAY MULLED WINDOWS Lindsay Mulled Windows combine the energy efficiency and performance of Lindsay Windows with mid and high-end architectural styles. Mulled Windows provide a refreshing and modern look, and can be added to any existing home provided that the house has sizable openings. Mulled Windows are constructed by taking two or more existing windows and joining them with a horizontal or vertical divider. Two or three Double-Hung Windows can be mulled to fill in a larger space, or a Casement Window can be combined with a horizontal Awning Window above. Mulled design can even combine two horizontal Double-Hung Windows with one large horizontal picture window above both. Virtually any evenly-fitting combination of windows can be mulled. SPECIALTY SHAPES Advanced architectural designs are also possibly by combining Mulled Windows with Specialty Shapes. Half-circle windows can be mulled above a Picture or Double-Hung. These and other specialty shapes often require a review by a carpenter to verify that the new design will be feasible within the constraints of the home. Additional permits may be needed for specialty shapes in certain municipalities. FREE IN-HOME CONSULTATION Whatever your design idea, Olson Windows will be happy to bring our sales team for a free in-home consultation. We will provide feedback on the feasibility of various Mulled design plans, and offer additional ideas that may fit well within your design guidelines. Please feel free to give us a call or fill out our online form for a free estimate.

Patio Doors

LINDSAY PATIO DOORS WINDOWS Ensure clear, beautiful views of the outdoors and functional style with Lindsay Patio Doors. With a variety of glass and design options, Lindsay Patio Doors help keep your home energy-efficient and secure year-round. QUALITY MANUFACTURING With a heavy-duty construction and enhanced roller wheels, Lindsay Patio Doors are built to last. The doors are manufactured at the Lindsay facility in the U.S.A., undergoing extensive quality control and testing. Top-of-the-line technology is available in select Patio Door models, including blinds built-in to the Patio Door glass, and a variety of ultra-energy-efficient glass packages. SAFETY AND SECURITY While a Patio Door provides an easy way to access the outside, it’s also vitally important to ensure that the patio door keeps your home secure at night. Strengthened tempered glass ensures that the glass stays strong and keeps your family safe in case of accidents. An additional foot-lock or key-lock is also available to provide added protection during vacations or weekend trips. Together with the security comes ease of use. Lindsay Patio Doors have removable sashes for bringing large objects into the home that might not fit through the front door. The doors also glide smoothly on the roller wheel assembly, preventing “stuck doors” that sometimes occur with older technology. When purchasing a replacement Patio Door, trust our experienced Olson Windows installation team to ensure that the door is installed properly and that it will operate well for years to come.

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